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Battle Card
Play one randomly chosen Battle card (including Hyper cards) for no additional cost.
Level 4 ☆
Cost 10 ★
Limit 3 per Deck
Illustrator Hono
Uncommon Card
Acceleration Pack
"It's my job to kill you." —Nath

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Extension is a high risk battle card with a potentially high reward, dependent on what battle card is activated by its effective. The card randomly activates any battle card including Hyper cards, which gives it the potential to be game changing, if the right battle card is chosen. However, on the other side of the spectrum, if the wrong card is activated, Extension can result in disastrous consequences for the player.

In the best case scenario, if a character is playing offensively they may draw a powerful battle card such as  Accel Hyper or a potentially deadly Hyper like  Hyper Mode,  Blue Crow the Second, or
 Deploy Bits. Or, if the character is playing defensively, they may draw an excellent counter card such as  Shield,  Shield Counter,
 Reverse Attribute Field or  Self-Destruct. The player may not be so lucky, however, and draw  Rbits or  I'm on Fire! which will likely yield disappointing results, as Extensions is often played with the hopes of a surprise power play.

The main downside to Extension, however, is that its performance is incredibly unpredictable and not necessarily beneficial to the player. At its absolute worst, the player may draw a card worse than nothing. Often, the worst case scenario for Extension, is playing an unwanted  Final Battle with low health, guaranteeing the defeat of the character who played the card. Usually, the second worst scenario is drawing a poorly timed
 Reverse Attribute Field while on the offensive. More often than not, the player will already have a buffed attack when using the card offensively, and the card will effectively reduce their own attack to nothing. As a result of the risk, it is generally best to use the card as a last ditch gamble if the character is faced with certain KO no matter what, or if the results don't matter either way, and the player does not have any better cards to use.

A secondary application for the card can be found, however, with characters with less powerful Hypers and characters with limited use Hyper cards. Characters such as QP (Dangerous), Sherry, and Yuki, can benefit from the chance of finding a better offensive card for combat and other characters with limited opportunity Hypers like Saki and Kiriko can also benefit from Extension as they may play another Hyper while waiting to use their actual hyper card. However, it may be more effective for a player to skip the risk of Extensions altogether and use  Mimic, if they desire another player's Hyper card.

Extra Note[edit | edit source]

  • If  Another Ultimate Weapon is activated by the card, the player will only receive the base effect of +1 to the player's ATK and DEF.