Drink Table Homemark

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Drink Table Homemark
Drink Table Homemark Icon.png
Summer Event Exclusive
Unlock Type
Patch Added
Shop Price
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Mystery Bag

Drink Table Homemark is a homemark cosmetic that was first introduced during the Summer Games event. The homemark is seasonal as it has only been made available during events.

Current Unlock Methods

No current unlock method. (Seasonal Unlock)

Other Information

Past Unlock Methods

  • During the Summer Games event, the homemark could be unlocked as a random drop after finishing a co-op game.
  • During the Summer Games (2020 Rerun) event, the homemark could be unlocked using the same unlock method.

Appearance by Player Order

Drink Table Homemark.png
Drink Table Homemark 2.png
Drink Table Homemark 3.png
Drink Table Homemark 4.png


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