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If you were looking for Co-op Mode difficulty, see Co-op Bosses.

Campaign mode features 4 different difficulty settings: Casual, Normal, Original and Extreme. Each difficulty has it is own system and tweaks the game to make it more challenging by rigging the RNG of dice rolls. It should be noted however, that the player's roll is never rigged to be worse and always has the same RNG regardless of the setting. CPU difficulty can only be changed in Campaign Mode.

Casual difficulty gives all CPU characters below average rolls. The difficulty is considerably lowered as the CPU is rigged to be worse than fair. Casual mode does not unlock Campaign achievements. However, it does unlock all maps and unlockable characters that would normally be unlocked during the course of the Campaign.


Normal difficulty causes RNG to be random and fair; enemies have no advantage or bonuses. This is the lowest difficulty where you can unlock Campaign achievements. As of Version 1.13, clearing all base game campaigns on Normal Difficulty, including the Extra levels, will unlock a Red CrownsRed Crown for all characters.


Original difficulty is the way 100% Orange Juice was designed in its original release before difficulty levels were added. On Original difficulty, RNG is specific to each character in the campaign. Some opponents have worse or better rolls, in order to produce a sense of difficulty progression from easy to hard, over the course of each campaign. Any campaigns cleared on Normal Difficulty prior to Version 1.13 will show as being cleared on Original Difficulty.


Extreme difficulty is for players seeking the ultimate challenge. The opponents' rolls are rigged to be better than fair, giving them a massive upper hand on the player. CPUs will constantly roll 5 and 6s and will often roll the perfect amount to land on Home Panels. As of Version 1.13, clearing all base game campaigns on Extreme Difficulty will unlock a Purple CrownsPurple Crown for all characters. The player can also unlock the Star Dice.pngStar Dice, Witch Hat Homemark Icon.pngWitch Hat Homemark, PresentPet1.pngPresent pet, and PuddingPet1.pngPudding pet by clearing DLC campaigns on Extreme Difficulty.