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Dice are optional cosmetic items for the player's dice. With this option, the player can change the appearance of their dice in-game.

Upon file creation, the player will automatically receive the default dice and will have the option to purchase any of the starting character dice in the shop. All other dice must be unlocked either through an event, a specific unlock method, or crates.


Image Name Unlock Condition Mystery Bag
Default Dice.png Default Dice Comes with the game. N/A
QP Dice.png QP Dice Purchase for 2000Stars Icon.png. No
Suguri Dice.png Suguri Dice
Marc Dice.png Marc Dice
Kai Dice.png Kai Dice
Red Christmas tree dice.png Red Christmas Tree Dice
  • Purchase the Santa Hat Icon.pngSanta Hat pack for 2000Stars Icon.png.
  • The player receives both dice at the time of purchase.
Green Christmas tree dice.png Green Christmas Tree Dice
Star dice.png Star Dice

Both tasks must be completed in the stated order for the cut-scene and dice:

Orange Dice.png Orange Dice Crates only. Yes
Blue dice.png Blue Dice
Green dice.png Green Dice
Yellow dice.png Yellow Dice
Green Marble dice.png Green Marble Dice
Purple Marble dice.png Purple Marble Dice
Orange Marble Dice.png Orange Marble Dice
Gold Dice.png Gold Dice
Wooden Dice.png Wooden Dice
Attacker Dice.png Attacker Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Attacker role for Co-Op mode No
Guardian Dice.png Guardian Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Guardian role for Co-Op mode
Support Dice.png Support Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Support role for Co-Op mode
Avenger Dice.png Avenger Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Avenger role for Co-Op mode
Super Attacker Dice.png Max Attacker Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Attacker role for Co-Op mode
Super Guardian Dice.png Max Guardian Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Guardian role for Co-Op mode
Super Support Dice.png Max Support Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Support role for Co-Op mode
Super Avenger Dice.png Max Avenger Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Avenger role for Co-Op mode
Big the Harou Dice.png Egg Dice Defeat Big the Haruo on hyper difficulty No
M10 Robot Dice.png Robot Dice Defeat M10 Robot on hyper difficulty
Star Devourer Dice.png Star Devourer Dice Defeat Star Devourer on hyper difficulty


Event dice, are dice that were only available during certain events. Some can be found in the mystery bag.[1] The event listed is the one in which the dice was introduced. The dice may return in future events, but this is at the discretion of Fruitbat Factory.

Image Name Event Introduced Unlock Condition Mystery Bag
Chocolate Dice.png Chocolate Dice Valentine's Event (2017) Log into the game. Yes
Heart Shaped Dice.png Heart Shaped Dice Use Chocolate Dice to KO 10 players.
Treasure Dice.png Treasure Dice Summer Event (2017) Global counter at 30000 chests. Yes
Halloween Dice.png Pumpkin Dice Halloween Event (2017) Own all Halloween Costume '16 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '16 and Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17 accessories. Yes
ReinDice.png Rein Dice Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle! Complete Waruda Christmas Party on Extreme Difficulty. No
BellDice.png Bell Dice Randomly found inside Presents after matches. Yes
GingerbreadDice.png Gingerbread Dice
Vday2018Dice.png Candy Dice Chocolate for the Sweet Gods Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Vday2018Dice2.png Rose Dice
Sakura Dice.png Sakura Dice School Crashers Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Pencil Dice.png Pencil Dice
NoName Dice.png NoName Dice
Beach Ball Dice.png Beach Ball Dice Beach Party Random drop from games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No
Sun Dice.png Sun Dice Global counter at 2500000 HP.
Sandcastle Dice.png Sandcastle Dice Global counter at 1500000 HP.
Snow Dice.png Snow Dice Santa Scramble Global counter at 4000 Castles. No
Ice Dice.png Ice Dice Global counter at 8000 Castles.
Clamshell Dice.png Clamshell Dice Summer Games Random drop from Co-Op games (Single Player or Multiplayer) No


  1. Mystery Bag contents tested and confirmed by Discord user Ryu Xero.