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Deck Mechanics

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Mechanics & General Info
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Deck Building.png
Decks are one of the most critical aspects of play. Before a match begins, each player will be able to select 10 cards from their collection on the Deck Building screen to construct a deck for the game. The amount of each card the player owns is marked with a white number over it, and the player can take a maximum of 3 of the same card, unless stated otherwise on the card. If a player attempts to leave with less than 10 cards, they will receive an achievement on their first attempt, but will not be able to proceed to the game until 10 have been selected. If the player does not select 10 cards within the given time frame, cards will be chosen at random from their collection.
A total of 5 decks can also be saved for use in later games by saving the deck and then loading it at the beginning of a new game. It is beneficial for a player to construct a deck in single-player as opposed to multiplayer, as there is no time constraint to construct a deck when playing solo.
Center Deck
When each player has selected their deck for a match, all four decks are collected and shuffled together into a single deck, the Center Deck. Eight "blank" Hyper cards are then added to the deck, assembling a complete deck of 48 cards. As a result of the shuffling, a player should think carefully about what cards to place in their deck. Some cards within their deck may be beneficial for them to draw, but too beneficial for their opponent to draw, as there is no guarantee which cards they or the opponent will draw.
Deck Mechanics.png

At the beginning of each game, each player will be provided with a single card from the center deck. A player can draw more cards from the center deck by landing on  Draw panels or using certain card effects. If a card is used, it will appear above the 4th player's hud, in the right corner of the screen temporarily. It is then moved to a discard pile off screen. If a Hyper card is drawn, it will become the Hyper card corresponding to the player's character. If enough chapters are played such that the deck depletes completely, the discard deck will be re-shuffled and set as the new center deck.

Deck Binder
Card Binder Example.png
The Card Binder (located in "Player Info" section of the Main Menu) is where all cards the player has purchased/owns will appear for viewing. When a player buys a new unit/character, they will automatically receive that unit's card and Hyper card in their binder. Cards can be sorted by type, name, and rarity for the player's convenience. The player can only own a total of 9 of each card (not including Hyper and Unit Cards).