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Boost Card
For this turn, roll two dice for movement.
1 ☆
3 ★
3 per Deck
Common Card
"Faster!" —Suguri

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Dash! as the name implies, is a boost card with one purpose: to move the player quickly. As a result, the card is ideal for both offensive and defensive characters as it is perfect for both assaults and escapes.

For Bully characters working toward Wins Norma, such as Yuki and Star Breaker, Dash! is an excellent method of catching up to low HP opponents who are far away or just catching up to the rest of the opponents if the player has fallen behind. Essentially, by combining Dash! with any Battle card such as  Accel Hyper the player can make a makeshift  Accelerator to take down opponents or deal some damage. On the other side of the coin, Dash! is an excellent escape card for most situations. If the player is low on HP, Dash! can easily be used to flee from approaching opponents until the player can reach a  Home panel or heal with a card like  Pudding.

As a result of the two uses for the card countering each other, players should think about whether adding the card to their deck will be helpful. If the player is using a Bully, and the opponent draws Dash! the card can easily be used to run from the player. Likewise, if the player is trying to escape and the opponent draws their Dash! it can quickly lead to a swift KO. The card is also not guaranteed to move the character far, as at its worst, the player might roll snake eyes, nullifying any use fullness the card might have held.