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Orange & Daily Challenges
Daily Challenges are daily quests the player can complete in multiplayer to earn oranges for use in the shop. They were added to 100% Orange Juice! with the release of Version 1.17. There are a total of three challenges to complete at a time, and a new challenge is unlocked every 24 hours, with a duration of 3 days to complete it. The completion of any challenges will award the player with 40Oranges Icon.pngOranges at the end of the match, which can be used to purchase hair colors and Challenge Crates in the shop.
The challenges the player has available can be checked on the home screen or in the lobby before matches by pressing the clipboard icon (It will indicate how many are available for completion). Once in an active match, however, the player will not be able to view their progress on their available challenges. The player also has the option to spend 2000Stars Icon.pngStars to reroll a challenge by pressing the reload symbol next to it. This enables the player to receive a new daily challenge if they would prefer to have something different.
Current Challenges.png

Types of Challenges

While challenges are random, they do follow predefined rules in regards to placement. Challenges will always appear in the location designated below:

Challenge 1
  • Play 5 Games.
  • Play 1 game on X Map or Y Map.
Challenge 2
  • Play 2 games as Character X or Character Y. (Characters selected for this challenge are drawn from the 'Random' checklist on the character select screen)
  • Bring at least one X Card or Y Card to 2 games.
Challenge 3
  • Win 1 game.
  • Complete 4 or 5 Star Normas in completed games.
  • Complete 3 Win normas in completed games.
  • Place 12 traps in the game. (This includes Hypers that set traps like  Plushie Master and  Star Blasting Fuse)
  • Travel 250 Panels.
  • Collect 650 stars in completed games.
  • Collect 21 wins in completed games.
  • Deal 20 damage in completed games.
  • Heal 10 HP in completed games.
  • Play 5 Boost cards in completed games.
  • Play 5 Event cards in completed games.
  • Play 5 Battle cards in completed games.
Event Challenges

During the 2017 Valentine's Day Event and the Christmas Event Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle!, additional challenges were added temporarily for the duration of the event.

Valentines Day Challenges
The duration of the challenge was 14 days. While the challenge says "players" CPU KO's count as well. The reward for completing this challenge is a Heart Shaped Dice.pngHeart Shaped dice.
The duration of the challenge was 14 days. The reward for completing this challenge is a Heart Homemark.pngHeart marker homemark.
Christmas Challenges
  • Certain challenges feature a Rebit.png icon that awards the player with 3 additional presents upon completion.