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Crates are loot boxes that can be purchased from the in-game shop. Each crate contains a different mix of cosmetics items such as hair colors, accessories, homemarks, poses, and dice. There is also one loot box in which the player can unlock characters as well.

Each crate has a different price, item drop rate, and some items can only be found within certain crates, such as poses. Crates can only be purchased using Oranges Icon.pngOranges from completing daily challenges, playing multiplayer games, or leveling up a role in Co-Op. Upon purchase, the player will receive a single random item for a random character from the crate. The player cannot receive any item they already own and they cannot receive duplicates of an item from a crate. The crates will also not give any cosmetics for DLC or Bonus characters which the player does not own. If all items have been unlocked within a specific crate's reward pool, the crate will no longer be purchasable. (In the case of the Mystery Bag, if more cosmetics are added to it, it will become available to purchase again.)

List of Crates

Crate Name Price Contents
Crate 2.png Premium Crate 50Oranges Icon.png
  • 85% chance of hair color
  • 10% chance of dice
  • 5% chance of homemark
Crate 1.png Challenge Crate 40Oranges Icon.png
  • 94% chance of pose
  • 5% chance of dice
  • 1% chance of homemark
Crate 3.png Mystery Bag
(See page for contents)
30Oranges Icon.png
  • ?% chance of dice and player home markers
  • ?% chance of old event costumes
  • ?% (high) chance of receiving 15Oranges Icon.png
  • 0% chance of hair colors or poses
  • Extremely rare chance to receive 1000Oranges Icon.png[1]
Crate 4.png Character Crate 100Oranges Icon.png
  • 100% chance to unlock a random base game character (except for playable enemies)


  1. 1000 Oranges confirmed by Discord user <Kae/変> SnufferinSnaggleℂℍ𝔸𝕄ℙ and Iwantdevil.