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Costumes (not to be confused with accessories or the Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17) are unique cosmetic items for the player's character. With this option, the player can completely change the in-game model of the character they are using.

While similar to accessories, costumes are not a cosmetic item in the traditional sense. Costumes are a new character model that the player can select on the bottom left of the cosmetic customization screen. The player can then apply colors and accessories as desired to the new version of the character. All poses, colors, hair colors, and accessories that the player has previously unlocked will carry over to the new version if they are available. However, most costumes have a very limited range of accessories and colors available, with an "X" appearing over most of the other cosmetics. Costumes are by far the rarest cosmetic, with only a few specific characters possessing them.

Costumes cannot be purchased in the shop or unlocked with either crates or mystery bags. They can only be unlocked either through a DLC or special event.

List of Costumes

Icon Name Unlock Condition
Suguri Winter OutfitHime Winter Outfit Winter Own DLC 10.
Suguri SwimsuitHime SwimsuitSora Swimsuit Swimsuit Beach Party Event & Rerun Event
Global counter reward. Retired.
Marc PigPeat PigFernet PigSherry PigTequila Pig Pig Beware Pigformation Event
Free all characters from their Pigformation.
QP SwimsuitMarc SwimsuitFernet Swimsuit Swimsuit Summer Games Event & Rerun Event
First global counter reward.
Marie Poppo Star Devourer Devourer Poppo Poppo Event (2019)
As Tuxedo Poppo Icon.pngTuxedo Poppo, defeat Star Devourer on Normal difficulty or higher.
Kiriko Sakura Miko Sakura Miko Own DLC 11.
Kiriko New Year's Miko Sakura Miko (New Year's)
Marie Poppo Mousse Mousse Poppo Bounty Hunters Event
Reach Rank A in the Guild Ranking.
Summer Beast Swimsuit Swimsuit Summer Games (2020 Rerun) Event
Second global counter reward.
Saki SwimsuitKae SwimsuitNath Swimsuit Swimsuit Master Anglers Event
Reach a fishing score of 4000.