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Beginners Guide and Introduction
Prelude Configuration Main Menu Mechanics
Requirements Title Screen Game Screens
Controls Beginning Battle Screens

Starting up the Game
Everytime the player starts the game, they will immediately be greeted by a settings configuration menu before the main game window opens. These settings will be applied to the game until the player stops playing or restarts the game. If untouched between play sessions, these settings will remain set to the player's original choices. As a result, the player can just select "play" after the first visit. It should be noted, however, that if the play changes their game speed in-game, it will change the configuration menu game speed.
Reading the Menu Settings

Configuration Menu1.png

Color Settings


-Super Fast

Start Game Languages

Screen Setting
Borderless Windowed


Known Issues
  • Depending on the user's monitor size, part of the screen may be cut off. If this occurs, either change the screen settings to a different option, or pull the top of the window off the screen to access the buttons.
  • If the game starts in a window only a few pixels high, delete config.dat in the Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\100 Orange Juice folder and then restart the game.