Community Pack 2

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Community Pack 2
Community Pack 2.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack6icon.png
  Pack Price   1080★
  Patch Added   2.1

Community Pack 2 is the sixth card pack available in 100% Orange Juice! The pack requires no DLC and was the sixth pack, released with the introduction of Version 2.1. The Community Pack 2 is the most expensive pack out of all the packs in the game. It contains the least amount of cards out of all the packs (tied with the Community Pack) with 6 cards: 1 rare, 2 uncommons, and 3 commons. In total, the pack adds 1 battle card, 1 boost card, 1 event card, 2 gift cards, and 1 trap card.

Much like the previous pack, Fruitbat Factory held a contest to submit artwork for new cards, using card ideas from the original Community Pack contest.[1] As a result, cards from this pack also feature designs by different illustrators from the community.[2]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Desperate Modification.pngDesperate Modification.png              
Path Blockers.pngPath Blockers.png          
Accelerating Sky.pngAccelerating Sky.png              
Poppo the Snatcher.pngPoppo the Snatcher.png  Bloodlust.pngBloodlust.png        

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