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Community Pack
Community Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack5icon.png
  Pack Price   540★
  Patch Added   1.21

Community Pack is the fifth card pack available in 100% Orange Juice! The pack requires no DLC and was the fifth pack, released with the introduction of Version 1.21. The community pack contains the least amount of cards out of all the packs (tied with the Community Pack 2) with 6 cards: 1 rare, 2 uncommons, and 3 commons. In total, the pack adds 1 battle card, 1 boost card, 1 event card, 2 gift cards, and 1 trap card.

Unlike any of the previous packs, Fruitbat Factory held a contest to submit ideas for card effects.[1] Once the card effects were chosen, a second contest was held for the artwork.[2] As a result, cards feature designs by different illustrators from the community.[3]


Cards[edit | edit source]

Dark Side of Business.pngDark Side of Business.png              
Treasure Thief.pngTreasure Thief.png          
Party Time.pngParty Time.png              
Lost Child.pngLost Child.png  Price of Power.pngPrice of Power.png        

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