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Combat is a critical aspect of 100% Orange Juice! The game itself uses a relatively simple dice battling system. The attacker rolls a standard 6 sided die and then the defender chooses to defend or evade and rolls a 6 sided die as well. Both sides add their attack, defense, and evade modifiers (bonuses/penalties) to determine the outcome of the roll. All rolls, after modifiers, have a minimum value of 1, but have no maximum value.
Combat Process
The Battle Phase:
  1. The Battle Phase begins
  2. If either player has a Battle Card, they may choose to use it if they have the stars and Norma level necessary to do so.
  3. The attacker rolls first with a 6 sided die.
  4. The defender chooses to roll defense or evasion and rolls a 6 sided die as well.
  5. If the defender is not KO'd, the defender attacks, and the attacker defends or evades. 
  6. Battle Phase ends unless repeated by a card effect.
Damage Calculation
Damage calculation is quite simple:
  • Attack is the damage the character will deal to the opponent.
  • Defense is the amount the player will block from the attack (but they will always receive a minimum of 1 damage).
  • Evade is the chance to take 0 damage or full damage from attack value.
If... then...
Attack > Defense Attack is partially blocked: ATK - DEF = Damage
Attack Defense 1 Damage
Attack  Evade Deal full Attack damage
Attack < Evade 0 Damage
Stats Modifiers
Stats Modifiers, are the ATK, EVD, DEF values located on the player's unit card. These values act as buffs and debuffs to the player's roll. The below examples show examples of a buffed ATK stat and the dreaded "7gull". Just remember: Your roll can never be decreased lower than 1.
The same process is performed no matter the action performed. If there are two dice (numbers over 6), the stat only affects the total NOT each dice:
If... and... and... then...
Player attacks Player roll = 5 Attack stat = +2 Attack value = 7
Player attacks Player roll = 12 Attack stat = -2 Attack value = 10
Player defends Player roll = 1 Defense stat = -1 Defense value = 1
Player defends Player roll = 4 Defense stat = +2 Defense value = 6
Player evades Player roll = 5 Evade stat = 0 Evade value = 5
Player evades Player roll = 6 Evade stat = -1 Evade value = 5

The Kyoko Exception
If the player is using the DLC 5 character, Kyoko, they will be restricted to defending every attack, with no option to evade. Although the traditional menu for choosing to defend or evade will appear on screen, the player will not be able to select the evade option.
Kyoko 4.png
Rules of Thumb
  • Always use Evade, if your opponent rolls a 1.
As the player will take 1 damage if they defend or fail evading, the player should try to evade for the possibility of taking no damage at all. Your odds of taking 0 damage are 83%, if your characters EVD stats is 0. If your EVD stat is +1, then your odds of taking 0 damage are 100% because your evade roll will always be at least 2.
  • Characters with high health should defend more often than they evade.
A character with say, 6 health, will be able to take 6 hits before being KO'd, if they roll well every time. A single bad evade roll might KO the unit or cause much more damage.
  • If you only have 1 health, always use evade.
1 health means that defending will cause a certain KO, as defending always yields at least 1 damage regardless of the player's roll. Evade gives you a slim chance of survival, as opposed to defending which gives a 0% chance of survival.