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Color Packs
Color Packs.png

Color Packs are optional cosmetic items for the player's character. With this option, the player can change the clothing/skin color of their character.

All characters, upon purchase, have the basic primary color pack available in the shop for purchase. All other color packs must be unlocked either through an event, a specific unlock method, random drop, or crate.

Some color packs are also character specific, meaning that only one or a few characters have the pack available to them. There also are some event color packs, such as Poppo event colors, are event specific and are easily confused for accessories.


  • Some color packs can be found in the mystery bag crate.
  • Unlocking a color pack can either unlock the pack for all characters or an individual character.
Image Pack Unlock Condition Type Bag
Blue Icon.pngGreen Icon.pngYellow Icon.pngRed Icon.png Basic
Indiv No
Teal Icon.png Teal Reach Level 25. Pack becomes available in shop for 10000Stars Icon.png. All No
Purple Icon.png Purple Reach Level 50. Pack becomes available in shop for 20000Stars Icon.png. All No
Silver Icon.png White Reach Level 75. Pack becomes available in shop for 40000Stars Icon.png. All No
Red and Blue Icon.png Red & Blue Reach Level 100. Pack becomes available in shop for 60000Stars Icon.png. All No
Pink Icon.png Pink Rare, random drop from multiplayer. Indiv No
Black Icon.png Black Rare, random drop from multiplayer. Indiv No
Halloween Color Icon.png Halloween Play 20 singleplayer or 10 multiplayer games while wearing a black color pack as any character. Pack becomes available in shop for 18200Stars Icon.png.

(Included in same pack as Jack o'Lantern Icon.pngJack o'Lantern)

All No
Christmas Color Icon.png Christmas Indiv Yes

Event Colors

Event colors, are colors packs that were only available during a certain event and are not viewable in the shop. These colors are only available for a limited number of characters. Some can be found in the mystery bag. If the item is not in the bag, and has no exception listed, the event must be active to unlock the item.

Image Pack Event Introduced Unlock Condition Type Bag
Chocolate Color Icon.png Chocolate Chocolate for the Sweet Gods Win a game with Shifu Robot, Store Manager, Flying Castle, Robo Ball, Chicken, or Seagull. Indiv/Listed Only No
School Color Icon.png School School Crashers Collect all of NoName's parts. Reward for Peat, Marc, Sora, and Sora (Military). All/Listed Only No
Rad Poppo Icon.png Rad Poppo Poppo Event (2014) Earn over 300 stars with Poppo's Hyper in Multiplayer or 900 stars in single player. Poppo Only Yes
Dapper Poppo Icon.png Dapper Poppo Poppo Event (2015) KO 3 Bosses in multiplayer (or 9 in single player) as Rad Poppo. Poppo Only No
Cyborg Poppo Icon.png Cyborg Poppo Poppo Event (2016) KO Big Poppo as Marie Poppo.
(See the Big Poppo page for how to spawn her. The event is not required)
Poppo Only No
Tuxedo Poppo Icon.png Tuxedo Poppo Poppo Event (2017) Defeat approximately 12 units who are wearing a Poppo Mask Icon.pngPoppo Mask in multiplayer, or 36 in single player, or a hybrid of the two as Cyborg Poppo. Poppo Only No