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Collectibles are an essential part of the 100% Orange Juice!, often serving as the goals of events and the player's key reason for playing the game, other than the gameplay itself. There are a wide variety of collectibles that players can either purchase with Stars Icon.pngStars or Oranges Icon.pngOranges or other currency in the shop, unlock through different events, or obtain by opening crates or mystery bags. Collectibles can often be thought of as 2 separate groups: cosmetics (which act as a way for players to customize every aspect of their character, dice, and homemarker) and non-cosmetics/shop items (which are sometimes gameplay-related, like cards, boards, and characters). However, this grouping harbors a certain amount of overlap, as some cosmetic items are tied to the shop.

While there are many collectibles which are exclusive to limited-time events, Fruitbat Factory has confirmed that they will never make any collectible permanently missable. Any event collectible which is currently unavailable will always eventually be made available again, through the associated event either being reran or retired. An event cosmetic has never stayed unavailable for more than a span of two years since its event's original run. This means that if it has been almost two years since an event with exclusive cosmetics was run, it will almost certainly be reran soon.

Cosmetic Unlocks
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Other Unlocks
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