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Co-op is a game mode in 100% Orange Juice! that originally debuted on July 25th, 2018 with the Beach Party event. It was later reintroduced to the game as a permanent mode on May 16th, 2019 with the Minions of the Master event.

Co-op is an alternate game mode where, instead of competing against each other, all 4 players must pick a special co-op role and work together as a team to defeat a raid-bossesque Co-op Boss, a fifth character on the map. Players will not be racing for norma against each other but will instead achieve norma together to be able to use cards, and to unlock their role's passive effects. Players need to defeat the boss to win the game, and they will lose if all of them are KO'd at the same time. As the mode relies on cooperation, it can be difficult to complete the event alone with purely CPU players, especially since utilizing the abilities of each co-op role is essential to the players' success.

Setup[edit | edit source]

To activate co-op mode, the player needs to toggle the icon located next to the board menu. This can be done in both custom singleplayer games and online games. The player can also join an online co-op lobby, by selecting the "Co-op" tab at the top of the online lobby list.


Important Changes[edit | edit source]

Before examining the particulars of the mode, below is a basic list of rule changes the player should be aware of:

  • All players choose a co-op role during character selection. Players gain additional passives and abilities depending on their co-op role.
  • During deck selection, all cards are assigned either 0, 2, or 5 deck points. The cards that may be chosen are limited based the player's current deck points. Some cards are also ineligible for co-op mode.
  • Special co-op boards, made specifically for the mode, are available to play on.
  • Field events cannot be enabled in this mode, and are instead replaced with mixers.
  • The co-op boss plays alongside the other players as a 5th unit on the board.
  • Instead of winning using norma, the game is won when the boss's HP reaches 0, and lost if all four players are KO'd at once.
  • All stars, wins, norma levels, and  Home panels are shared between all 4 players.
  • Both types of norma checks (stars & wins) are simultaneously enabled.
  • Players will lose only 1/8 of their stars on KO.
  • Characters with positive ATK have an increased REC stat, calculated by the formula [base REC] + [base ATK].
  • The effects of some cards and character passives are altered.
  •  Bonus panels are not capped at level 3.
  •  Encounter panels have different enemies, which vary depending on the Boss.
  • Stars norma requirements are multiplied by 1.5, and Wins norma requirements are multiplied by 2.

Level Stars Victories
2☆ 15 2
3☆ 45 4
4☆ 105 10
5☆ 180 18

Character Changes[edit | edit source]

To prevent complete character bias, co-op makes adjustments to all character stats and some character passives. While these changes do make certain characters more or less viable than they usually would be, the changes are generally to make the characters conform with co-op mode.

REC Changes[edit | edit source]

In co-op mode, characters with a positive ATK stat have increased REC stats. For these characters, the stat is calculated by the formula: [base REC + base ATK]. Characters with a neutral or negative ATK stat have unchanged REC stats. Shifu Robot's REC stat also remains unchanged, due to its passive.

For some characters, this results in a REC higher than 6, meaning the character needs to roll a 6 to revive for more than one turn. For instance, a character with 7 REC will need to roll 6 to revive for two chapters before it increments down to 5 or higher.

REC Characters
Tomomo (Sweet Eater)
Tomomo, Store Manager
Yuki, Flying Castle, Star Breaker, NoName
Suguri, Hime, Sora, Marc, Kai, Sherry, Sora (Military), Miusaki, Yuki (Dangerous), Suguri (Ver.2), Mira, Islay, Sumika, Ellie, Marc (Pilot), Alicianrone
Peat, Seagull

Passive Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Chicken, Robo Ball, Seagull, and Mimyuu lose the same amount of Stars on KO as everyone else.
  • Flying Castle can counterattack when landing on a  Boss panel, even if it attacks second.
  • Tequila's passive will not summon Pirate Crew Members on Encounter panels.
  • Tequila's +1 ATK per damage taken passive does not stack with the Avenger role, meaning the player will only receive +1 per HP lost, not +2.
  • Natsumi's same-panel passive will trigger with any unit as normal, but only players will receive the healing effect.
  • Mira's Binding Smoke passive will not affect players.

New field changes[edit | edit source]

Co-op features a special panel for the boss to start the game on.

Icon Name Effect
PBossHome.png Boss Home Panel The boss starts the game on this panel. Functions as a  Boss panel when stepped on.

It also features 1 unique field events designed to make the boss harder the longer the game progresses. These field events are permanently active and cannot be turned off.

Name Chapters Effect
Convert any panel on board into  Boss panel. Amount of panels increase as the game progresses. Cannot convert  Home,  Warp and  Warp Move panels. Happens every other chapter, begins at chapter 2. On chapter 40 and above, happen every chapter, converting any panel possible on the field.

Home Sweeper[edit | edit source]

Home Sweepericon.png Home SweeperHome Sweeper.png is an unique boss card played by every boss if it hasn't been killed by chapter 40. This will replace every player homestops with  Neutral panel, then synergizes with Terror field event to convert every non-Wrap panel in the field into  Boss panel. Is always played after every boss's card has been played that turn. (which prevents  Melting Memories and  Banned for Life from skipping it)

Card Changes[edit | edit source]

Certain card effects have been adjusted to target the boss instead of other players, and some have been completely reworked, especially hyper cards. Note that "opponents" refers to only the boss and its minions, and not the other players. Below is a comprehensive list of all changed cards. Any card not listed has remained unchanged:

Standard Cards[edit | edit source]

Card Changes
Will only affect opponents.
Will only affect players.
Cannot be triggered by opponents.
Cannot be triggered by opponents.
Effect is limited to 1 active stock total (instead of 1 stock per player). Players do not take damage from the effect.
Cannot be triggered by opponents.
Is now Norma 2. Gives +10 stars and +1 Win instead of +50% stars.
Cannot be triggered by opponents.
Effect is now "While in effect, players cannot be forced to lose stars."

Hyper Cards[edit | edit source]

Card Changes
Renamed to "Air Support", and the effect is "During the next battle, all players gain +2 Defense."
Can only target players.
Gives +1 ATK and +1 DEF for every 10 stars spent instead of 20 and will not consume stars past the amount it takes to get to +9 ATK.
Effect is now "When used, the Boss will skip its next action." (Boss will still move but won't play its next card)
Damage-dealing effect will only affect opponents. When placed, visible to all players.
Will only affect opponents. (Boss won't move but will still play cards)
Will only affect players, and the -1 DEF effect will only apply to players who are Kae. Only lasts 2 turns.
Will only affect players, and no longer gives stars.
Cannot be triggered by players. When placed, visible to all players.
Now a battle card, and effect has been changed to "During this battle, the opponent gains the following effect: All dice rolls will be 1."
Will only target opponents, and will only do 5 damage (down to 1 HP).
Effect is now "Summon 2 Pirate Crew Members to fight a random enemy. Enemy goes second."
Now heals two HP.
Will only target opponents.
Gives -2 REC to players KO'd by its effect.
Damage will only be dealt to opponents.
Deals the user's max HP to either themselves or the Boss.
Effect is now "Gain level x 10 stars." Stars will go to the players even if triggered by an opponent.
Stopping effect will only affect opponents.
Now deals 4 damage. Cannot be triggered by players. When placed, visible to all players.
Can only target opponents.
Binding Smoke will only affect opponents.
Now transforms into the co-op version of Leap Through Space.
Will only do 5 damage. Will only affect opponents.
Cost is 40, and its effect has been changed to "For each KO'd ally, deal 3 damage to all enemies."
Will only affect opponents.
Cost is Stars / 10, and its effect has been changed to "The Boss will skip its next action." (Boss will still move but won't play its next card)
Now transforms into the co-op version of Magical Revenge.
Can only be used as a Battle Card, and its effect has been changed to "Opponent fights Shifu Robot instead. Can only be used against the Boss."
Now places the co-op version of Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!.
No longer gives stars.
Now allows the player to always attack first in battle, in addition to its usual effects.
No longer steals stars. Cannot be triggered by opponents.
Can only target opponents.
No longer applies the Santa's Gift debuff.
Now deals the user's max HP as damage to the enemy.
Star-stealing effect will only affect opponents.
Now places the co-op version of Invisible Bomb.
Now makes the user unable to be targeted by Boss abilities.
Effect is changed to "Receive 2 Pudding cards. These cards are removed from game upon use or discard."
Will only affect opponents.
Can only target opponents, and now steals stars equal to the user's level.
Effect is changed to "During this battle, gain +1 Attack, +1 Defense, and -1 Evasion for each two cards the players have."
Now makes the user fight the Boss.
Will only affect opponents.
Can only target opponents.