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Gamemode coop128.png

Co-op is a game mode which originally debuted temporarily on July 25th, 2018 with the Beach Party event. It was later reintroduced permanently to the game on May 16th, 2019 with the Minions of the Master event. The goal is to defeat raid-boss characters as a team.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Co-op is an alternate mode that can be selected in single player custom and online play by toggling the icon located next to the board menu on or off. In this mode, all 4 players will work together as a single team to defeat the boss, a fifth character on the map. Players will not be racing for Norma against each other but will instead use Norma to unlock their own abilities and to use cards. Players need to defeat the boss to win the game and the players will lose the game if all of them are KO'd at the same time. As the event relies on cooperation, it is quite difficult to complete the event alone, with purely CPU players.

  • Mode toggle switch.
  • Online lobby mode indicator.

Settings[edit | edit source]

Spring2019 tut 02.png
Once active, a limited number of boards are available for use in co-op depending on the boss and difficulty selected. Field events are automatically set to off, and field event settings cannot be changed for any co-op match. The player can select which boss they would like to battle and select one of 4 difficulty settings: Casual, Normal, Extreme, and Hyper. After these settings have been selected, the player can move onto character and role selection.

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • All stars, wins, normas, and  Home panels are shared.
  • Both Norma checks (Wins & Stars) are always enabled for all characters.
  • Norma 3 bonus panel multiplier cap is removed.
  • Players will lose only 1/8 of their Stars on KO.
  • Terror field event will occur every other chapter. This spawns  Boss panels in increasing numbers every time it activates.
  • Home Sweeper field event on chapter 40. Will replace  Home panels with  Neutral panels. All panels besides  Warp and  Warp Move will be permanently  Boss panels
  • Wins requirement is doubled and Stars requirement is multiplied by 1.5:
Level Stars Victories
1☆ 15 2
2☆ 45 4
3☆ 105 10
4☆ 180 18

Roles[edit | edit source]

Roles are a unique way to play in co-op, with each character being designated to a role and letter rank. The roles are Attacker, Guardian, Supporter, Avenger, and Dealer, each of which features their own special abilities and hyper. The player may choose whatever role they want and can also see the role chosen by the other players above the card selector. Each character will receive a role rank of A-E and a set amount of Deck Points depending on their rating. Generally, the stronger the character's rank is in the role, the fewer deck points they are provided for the role.

  • A character's role rank.
  • Deck points provided.
  • All players role choice & role level.

Base Abilities[edit | edit source]

Each of the roles sport new abilities to help players survive and defeat the boss. They can be leveled up by playing their respective role and doing actions related to it. Avenger & Dealer are locked at the start, but they can be unlocked by reaching Lvl 10 in other roles, or if the player had unlocked them previously in events.

Type Base Stats and Abilities
Summer2018 role0.png
  • Goes first against the boss when they challenge it to battle.
  • Gets permanent +1 REC at Norma 1.
  • Gets permanent +1 ATK at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role1.png
  • Can spend 2 HP to give an ally a shield that absorbs up to 2 points of damage, similar to Robo Ball's  Reflective Shell hyper. The shield is the same color as the Guardian's player color and lasts until the affected ally takes a hit in combat, finishes a battle or gets KO'd outside of battle. Additionally, each guardian can only distribute one shield at a time - trying to distribute a second shield will simply move the existing shield to the new target.
  • Gets permanent +1 DEF at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role2.png
  • Can spend stars to revive players if they land on their square or if they pass by them. Star cost will depend on the revive roll of the fallen ally. The formula is (recover roll requirement x 5 stars).
  • Can heal players for 1 HP at no cost if they land on their square or if they pass by them.
  • Gets permanent +1 to move rolls at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role3.png

(Unlocked at Attacker level 10)

  • Receive +1 ATK per 2HP lost in combat.
  • Gets permanent +1 max HP at Norma 2.
Summer2018 role4.png

(Unlocked at Support level 10)

  • Can pass a random card from their hand to a chosen player if they are holding 2 or more cards.
  • Draws one extra card whenever they draw a card.
  • Gets permanent +1 hand size at Norma 2.

Role Level[edit | edit source]

Spring2019 tut custom4.png
Role level, not to be confused with roll rank, is a numerical value indicating how much experience the player has earned in a specific role. Each time the player defeats the boss, they will receive experience toward the role they were playing as. The maximum role level is 25. The higher the boss difficulty, the more experience the player receives. It should be noted that in single player, the player will receive a penalty if they use control + shift during the match. Below is the experience necessary to level up.
Level Experience Needed Level Experience Needed
1 100 14 4130
2 230 15 4650
3 390 16 5200
4 580 17 5780
5 800 18 6390
6 1050 19 7030
7 1330 20 7700
8 1640 21 8400
9 1980 22 9130
10 2350 23 9890
11 2750 24 10680
12 3180 25 11500
13 3640

The player will also unlock bonuses for their role as they progress through the levels. This includes more deck points, base ability stat buffs, a role-specific hyper, and a cooldown ability. Level 2, 4, 12, 17, and 21 are +1 deck point for all roles, and thus are not included below.

Type Level Additional Boosts
Summer2018 role0.png
5 Always move first during combat with a boss.
8 Additional permanent +1 ATK at Norma 4.
10 Role Hyper (Ultimate Weapon in the Sun)
15 Cooldown ability (Fury) level 1
25 Cooldown ability (Fury) level 2
Summer2018 role1.png
5 Shield cost reduced to 1 HP.
8 Additional permanent +1 DEF at Norma 2.
10 Role Hyper (Lifeguard on the White Beach)
15 Cooldown ability (Guardian Spirit) level 1
25 Cooldown ability (Guardian Spirit) level 2
Summer2018 role2.png
6 Roll to 4 Stars x Recovery Roll
8 Additional permanent +1 Movement at Norma 4.
10 Role Hyper (Guardian of Blooming Flowers)
13 Additional permanent +1 EVD at Norma 3.
15 Cooldown ability (Restoring Light) level 1
19 Roll to 3 Stars x Recovery Roll
25 Cooldown ability (Restoring Light) level 2
Summer2018 role3.png
5 For each HP lost in battle, gain +1 ATK
8 Additional permanent +1 HP at Norma 4.
10 Role Hyper (Unforgiving Avenger)
15 Cooldown ability (From Beyond) level 1
20 -1 Recovery at Norma 3
25 Cooldown ability (From Beyond) level 2
Summer2018 role4.png
6 Additional permanent +1 HP at Norma 3.
8 Additional permanent +1 hand size at Norma 4. Maximum 5.
10 Role Hyper (Summer Games)
15 Cooldown ability (Demand) level 1
25 Cooldown ability (Demand) level 2

Role Hypers[edit | edit source]

Spring2019 tut custom2.png
Once a player reaches level 10 in a role, the player's will receive access to a special role-specific hyper card that is designed to boost the passive abilities of the role. These hypers are all Norma 5 cards. The player can either choose to use the role hyper or their character's original hyper, by pressing the switch logo on the role selector menu. While hypers are specific to a role, there are tricks the players can use however to get a different roles hyper. Hypers can be transferred between players with  Gift Exchange. If this action is taken, the Hypers will remain as the cards they were when they were originally drawn. As a result, an Attacker can end up with a Supporter's Hyper. The player can also use Nico's hyper,  Miracle Walker which can draw a role hyper since the hypers drawn are random.
Ultimate Weapon in the Sun (Co-Op).png
Attacker's Hyper
Lifeguard on the White Beach (Co-Op).png
Guardians Hyper
Guardian of Blooming Flowers (Co-Op).png
Supporter's Hyper
Unforgiving Avenger (Co-Op).png
Avenger's Hyper
Summer Games.png
Dealer's Hyper

Cooldown Ability[edit | edit source]

Spring2019 tut custom5.png
Once the player passes role level 15, they will receive a special ability based on their role. This ability is accessible as an extra button on the right at the start of the player's turn. These abilities are very similar to the role hypers mentioned above but have the advantage of being free. Each one has a cooldown of 10 chapters, however. The player will initially unlock a watered-down version of the cooldown ability at level 15, and will then receive the full version at level 25.
Ability Level 1 Level 2
Role0 ability.png
In the next battle,+2 damage to next attack (after calculation) In the next battle,+3 damage to next attack (after calculation)
Role1 ability.png
Guardian Spirit
All allies gain Stock Effect (1): In the next battle, take 1 less damage. All allies gain Stock Effect (1): In the next battle, take 2 less damage.
Role2 ability.png
Restoring Light
Revive one KO'd ally with half HP (Rounded up for odd numbers) Revive one KO'd ally with full HP
Role3 ability.png
From Beyond
Effect Duration: 3 Chapters: If KO'd during battle, return to 1 HP. Effect Duration: 3 Chapters: If KO'd during batttle, return to up to 3 HP (unless max HP is below 3).
Role4 ability.png
Treat the next panel you step onto as a Draw panel. Treat the next panel you step onto as a x2 Draw panel.

Deck Points/Decks[edit | edit source]

Spring2019 tut 06.png
Deck points are provided to the player automatically once they choose their role. The higher the letter rank the character has in that role, the less points the player will receive to make a deck. Powerful cards generally cost more deck points, 5 points, while weaker/generic cards cost 0 deck points. As previously mentioned, the player can unlock more deck points by leveling up their role. By level 25 the player will have an additional +5 deck points to the base value provided for the role.
Type Base Deck Points Deck Points At Level 25
A 10 15
B 13 18
C 17 22
D 21 26
E 25 30

All cards cost either 0, 2, or 5 deck points. It should be noted that some cards are not available for use in co-op mode (mainly cards that are impractical for co-op). Below is the listing of all cards available and their deck point price.

Cards that cost 0 points Cards that cost 2 points Cards that cost 5 points Cards that can't be used

Character and Card Changes[edit | edit source]

A few characters have rather notable changes and passive tweaks that are important for the player to understand when playing in co-op. Certain characters are more or less viable then they usually would be, as a result of these adjustments.

  • Example of new REC stat on Peat.
  • Example of modified hyper.

Stat Changes[edit | edit source]

  • For all characters, new recovery stats are calculated by the formula: Recovery = base recovery + (+attack).

Passive Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Chicken, Robo Ball, Seagull, and Mimyuu lose the same amount of Stars on KO as everyone else.
  • Star Breaker can redeem Stars Norma like any other character.
  • Tequila's passive and the Avenger role's +1 ATK per damage taken effect do not stack, meaning the player will only receive +1 per HP lost, not +2.
  • Natsumi's passive will not heal opponents.
  • Mira's Binding Smoke passive will not affect players.
  • Sora & Sham (Cuties) can redeem Wins Norma like any other character.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Below is a comprehensive list of all changed cards, including Hyper cards. Any card not listed has remained unchanged.

Card Changes
Will only affect opponents.
Will only affect players.
Will only affect opponents.
Is now Norma 2. Gives +10 stars and +1 Win instead of +50% stars.
Effect is now "While in effect, players cannot be forced to lose stars."
Renamed to "Air Support", and the effect is "During the next battle, all players gain +2 Defense."
Will only affect players.
Gives +1 ATK and +1 DEF for every 10 stars spent instead of 20 and will not consume stars past the amount it takes to get to +9 ATK.
Effect is now "When used, the Boss will skip its next action." (Boss will still move but won't play its next card)
Will only affect opponents.
Will only affect opponents. (Boss won't move but will still play cards)
Will only affect players, and the -1 DEF effect will only apply to players who are Kae. Only lasts 2 turns.
Will only affect players, and no longer gives stars.
Will only affect opponents.
Now a Battle Card, and effect has been changed to "During this battle, the opponent gains the following effect: All dice rolls will be 1."
Will only affect opponents, and will only do 5 damage (down to 1 HP).
Effect is now "Summon 2 Pirate Crew Members to fight a random enemy. Enemy goes second."
Now heals two HP.
Will only affect opponents.
Gives -2 REC to players KO'd by its effect.
Deals the user's max HP to either themselves or the Boss.
Effect is now "Gain level x 10 stars."
Deals 4 damage and will only affect opponents. They are visible to all players.
Effect is now "For each KO'd ally, deal 3 damage to all enemies."
Will only affect opponents.
Cost is Stars / 10, and its effect has been changed to "The Boss will skip its next action." (Boss will still move but won't play its next card)
Can only be used as a Battle Card, and its effect has been changed to "Opponent fights Shifu Robot instead. Can only be used against the Boss."
No longer gives stars.
Now allows the player to always attack first in battle, in addition to its usual effects.
No longer consumes stars, and only affects players.
Will only affect opponents.
No longer applies the Santa's Gift debuff.
Now deals the user's max HP as damage to the enemy.
Now makes the user unable to be targeted by Boss abilities.
Effect is changed to "Receive 2 Pudding cards. These cards are removed from game upon use or discard."
Will only affect opponents.
Will only affect opponents, and now steals stars equal to the user's level.
Effect is changed to "During this battle, gain +1 Attack, +1 Defense, and -1 Evasion for each two cards the players have."
Now makes the user fight the Boss.
Will only affect opponents.

Boss Basics[edit | edit source]

Co-op bosses are special super-powered boss characters who play alongside the players during a match, however, like single player bosses, can also be encountered when the player lands on a  Boss panel. Co-op bosses always have the first move at the start of each chapter and carry a host of boss only cards that they can use at the beginning of their turn. They also always attack first during combat unless stated otherwise. The player will be able to see the bosses, HP and card hand at the top of the screen during the entirety of the match. In order to win the match, the players must defeat the boss.

  • Boss HUD and hand.
  • Player loss screen.

Boss Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Bosses feature 4 different difficulties: Casual, Normal, Extreme, and Hyper. Each difficulty is considered a boss level from 1-4 which changes how much damage is dealt by certain boss cards. A second key aspect for difficulty is card level. Bosses begin each match with a deck of 5 cards, and once they have used all of them, they will upgrade the lowest level one and shuffles the deck. The boss will continue this process until chapter 40. For example, a normal boss starts with a level 0-0-1-1-1 deck, it'll get 8 transformations by chapter 40 so it should end up as 3-2-2-2-2 at most. The bosses difficulty chosen determines what level the cards are, to begin with. The boss level chosen also restricts which boards are available for the players to play on. In the end, more Exp and oranges are rewarded for defeating higher difficulty bosses.

Difficulty Boss level Starting 5 cards level Board Available
Casual 1 0, 0, 0, 1, 1 All
Normal 2 0, 0, 1, 1, 1 Co-op only
Extreme 3 0, 1, 1, 2, 2 Co-op only
Hyper 4 1, 1, 2, 2, 2 One Board

Hyper Difficulty[edit | edit source]

While not very different, Hyper difficulty is special for 2 reasons. As previously stated, the player will only have access to one board to fight the boss. This board is of course designed to give the boss the edge. The second and most notable change, however, is that Hyper difficulty does not follow the above card upgrade rules. Once all of the starting 5 cards have been used, one of the cards at random will be upgraded (Not just the lowest level one) and deck will be shuffled. This can result in much stronger cards much quicker, and given the high initial level the cards, Hyper mode features cards the player will not see in lower difficulties.

Bosses List[edit | edit source]

0 10000 00.png
Bchicken 00 00.png

Big the Haruo
0 10000 00.png
Bball 00 00.png

M10 Robot
0 10000 00.png
Gpoppo 00 00.png

Star Devourer
0 10000 00.png
Bqp 00 00.png

Summer Beast
0 10000 00.png
Seagullboss 00 00.png

Big the Jonathan




Wild Enemies[edit | edit source]

The boss also changes the enemies that will appear on  Encounter panels. The enemies will be the expected minion for that boss, so, for instance, Robo Balls when the boss is M10 Robot. Players will encounter 1 of 3 possible wild enemies in which one stat is boosted by +2 unless the stat is already +1, in which it is boosted to +2. Which stat has been boosted will be indicated by the outfit the enemy is wearing. Further info can be found on each boss's page.

Boards[edit | edit source]

Each boss has its own set of boards, which are modified versions of the normal boards, with the exception of M10 Robot and Star Devourer hyper difficulty stages, which are brand new stages reusing old assets (M10's Cyberspace uses Sealed Archive's background tinted blue with Shipyard's Robo Balls and Shifu Robots flying by, while Star Devourer's Poppo's Abyss uses a yellow colored version of Tomomo's Abyss' background. Further info can be found on each co-op boss's page.

Gamemode coop128.png

Similar to steam achievements, playing co-op and gaining experience will unlock rewards the player would have no other way to receive. All co-op cosmetics are only unlockable through the completion of the co-op. They cannot be found in the mystery bag and can only be unlocked through specific method listed below. If successfully unlocked, the cosmetic will unlock on the screen at the conclusion of the match.


Rewards[edit | edit source]

Cosmetic Name Description
Attacker Dice.png Attacker Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Attacker role for Co-Op mode
Guardian Dice.png Guardian Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Guardian role for Co-Op mode
Support Dice.png Support Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Support role for Co-Op mode
Avenger Dice.png Avenger Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Avenger role for Co-Op mode
Super Attacker Dice.png Max Attacker Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Attacker role for Co-Op mode
Super Guardian Dice.png Max Guardian Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Guardian role for Co-Op mode
Super Support Dice.png Max Support Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Support role for Co-Op mode
Super Avenger Dice.png Max Avenger Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Avenger role for Co-Op mode
Big the Harou Dice.png Egg Dice Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty
M10 Robot Dice.png Robot Dice Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper difficulty
Star Devourer Dice.png Star Devourer Dice Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty
Dealer Dice.png Dealer Dice Reach Lv. 10 in the Dealer role for Co-Op mode
Super Dealer Dice.png Max Dealer Dice Reach Lv. 25 in the Dealer role for Co-Op mode
Summer Beast Dice.png Summer Beast Dice Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty
Big the Jonathan Dice.png Big the Jonathan Dice Defeat Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty

Gamemode coop128.png

Similar to Campaigns, Co-op features specific Steam Achievements that can only be unlocked through co-op mode. Each boss has its own unlockable achievements, as do co-op roles.


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Steam Achievements
Icon Name Description
Roost (achievement).jpg Roost Defeat Big the Haruo
Savage Talons (achievement).jpg Savage Talons Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty
Animal Farm.jpg Animal Farm Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty without taking out more than 2 of its minions
Malfunction (achievement).jpg Malfunction Defeat M10 Robot
Imaginary Numbers (achievement).jpg Imaginary Numbers Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper difficulty
Efficiency Theory.jpg Efficiency Theory Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper difficulty without dealing any damage to it outside combat
Star Mania (achievement).jpg Star Mania Defeat Star Devourer
Death and Taxes (achievement).jpg Death and Taxes Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty
Value Judgment (achievement).jpg Value Judgment Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty without using any characters with a positive Attack value
Fun in the Sun.jpg Fun in the Sun Defeat Summer Beast
A Midsummer Night's Dream.jpg A Midsummer Night's Dream Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty
Total Rampage.jpg Total Rampage Defeat Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty after 3 or more Rampages
Creatures of Excellence.jpg Creatures of Excellence Defeat Big the Jonathan
Who Flies Highest.jpg Who Flies Highest Defeat Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty
Fighting the Windmills.jpg Fighting the Windmills Survive 50 chapters against Big the Jonathan on Hyper difficulty.
Power Through.jpg Power Through Reach level 10 as Attacker
Steady Does it.jpg Steady Does it Reach level 10 as Guardian
Just a Small Scratch.jpg Just a Small Scratch Reach level 10 as Supporter
Taste of Revenge.jpg Taste of Revenge Reach level 10 as Avenger
Summer Games (achievement).jpg Summer Games Reach level 10 as Dealer