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The Characters section of the shop sells all available characters in the game.

100% Orange Juice!, at its core, includes 19 characters. The player will choose one of four starting characters offered at save file creation, and the other 18 require unlocking either through completion of campaign episodes or through alternate methods. By completing campaign episodes, new characters will become available in the characters section of the shop for purchase.

In addition, there are also DLC characters which can be purchased on the Steam page for the game, and bonus characters which can only be unlocked through the purchase of other Orange_Juice games.

Unlocking a character will unlock both their unit card and Hyper card in the binder. There are also a number of characters who are non-playable, but whose unit cards can still be unlocked through various means. Unit cards of non-playable characters serve no purpose other than being viewable in the binder.

There is currently a total of 62 playable characters in the game: 19 base game, 37 DLC, and 6 bonus.

Base Game Characters

There are a number of different categories of playable characters available in the base game of 100% Orange Juice!

Standard Base Game Characters

There are 12 standard base game characters, which are viewed as the "core cast" of 100% Orange Juice!. These characters all have prominent roles in the four base game campaigns, and all can be unlocked in the shop by completing various base game campaign episodes. These characters also have a myriad of alternate unlock methods, allowing them to be obtained in a variety of ways.

  • Base game characters are traditionally unlocked from progressing through the single player campaign. All starting characters become available for purchase after the player beats the campaign of their initial starting character, while other base game characters will appear in the shop after completing certain campaign episodes specific to each character. Most base game characters have multiple campaign episodes that will trigger their appearance in the shop. Once a player beats one of these episodes (causing the given character to appear in the shop), three more games will need to be played in order to unlock the given character for purchase (except for Sora, who requires five games). The exceptions to this are the four starting characters and Tomomo, who are able to be purchased the moment the unlock condition is met.
  • One starting character (QP, Suguri, Marc, or Kai) can be selected to be unlocked instantly upon creating the save file.
  • Owning DLC 10 will immediately unlock Suguri and Hime.
  • Owning DLC 12, DLC 14, or DLC 16 will immediately unlock the characters it is for.
  • Any of the 12 standard base game characters can be obtained randomly from a character crate.
Image Name Cost 30% Off Shop Unlock Conditions[1]
QP.png QP 1200Stars Icon.png 840Stars Icon.png
  • Available for purchase immediately after beating first campaign.
Yuki.png Yuki 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Aru.png Aru 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Suguri.png Suguri 1200Stars Icon.png 840Stars Icon.png
  • Available for purchase immediately after beating first campaign.
Hime.png Hime 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Sora.png Sora 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Marc.png Marc 1200Stars Icon.png 840Stars Icon.png
  • Available for purchase immediately after beating first campaign.
Fernet.png Fernet 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Peat.png Peat 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Kai.png Kai 1200Stars Icon.png 840Stars Icon.png
  • Available for purchase immediately after beating first campaign.
Marie Poppo.png Marie Poppo 800Stars Icon.png 560Stars Icon.png
Tomomo.png Tomomo 1500Stars Icon.png 1050Stars Icon.png
  • Available for purchase immediately after beating Tomomo Hell.

Playable Enemies

These characters are playable versions of the NPC characters that are normally fought on  Encounter and  Boss panels. These player characters are distinct from how they are as enemy characters, with different stats and passives from the enemy versions. Unlike other base game characters, they are unlocked exclusively through leveling up by playing online multiplayer games, and are unable to be purchased or obtained otherwise. Care should be taken to not confuse the Unit (Player) versions of these characters with the Unit (Enemy) versions when purchasing them in the shop.

Image Name Cost 30% Off Unlock Condition
Chicken.png Chicken 3000Stars Icon.png 2100Stars Icon.png Reach level 6 in Multiplayer.
Robo Ball.png Robo Ball 4500Stars Icon.png 3150Stars Icon.png Reach level 15 in Multiplayer.
Seagull.png Seagull 6500Stars Icon.png 4550Stars Icon.png Reach level 25 in Multiplayer.
Store Manager.png Store Manager 20000Stars Icon.png 14000Stars Icon.png Reach level 30 in Multiplayer.
Shifu Robot.png Shifu Robot 30000Stars Icon.png 21000Stars Icon.png Reach level 35 in Multiplayer.
Flying Castle.png Flying Castle 40000Stars Icon.png 28000Stars Icon.png Reach level 40 in Multiplayer.

Hidden Characters

These are characters who are completely hidden from the character select screen rather than being greyed out. They cannot be purchased in the shop, instead being instantly unlocked upon completing a secret and elaborate unlock method. There is currently only one hidden character in the game.

Image Name Unlock Condition
Mio.png Mio Beat Mio's Dark Citadel.

DLC Characters

Although DLC characters appear in the shop, they cannot be bought in-game, and must be obtained through purchasing the DLC on Steam. Once the DLC is purchased, both characters are automatically unlocked and ready for use, available to the player free of any star price.

Image Name Unlock Condition Image Name Unlock Condition
Syura.png Syura Own DLC 1. Nanako.png Nanako Own DLC 1.
Saki.png Saki Own DLC 2. Kyousuke.png Kyousuke Own DLC 2.
Krila.png Krila Own DLC 4. Kae.png Kae Own DLC 4.
Alte.png Alte Own DLC 5. Kyoko.png Kyoko Own DLC 5.
Sham.png Sham Own DLC 6. Sherry.png Sherry Own DLC 6.
Star Breaker.png Star Breaker Own DLC 7. Sweet Breaker.png Sweet Breaker Own DLC 7.
Nath.png Nath Own DLC 9. Tomato & Mimyuu.png Tomato & Mimyuu Own DLC 9.
Kiriko.png Kiriko Own DLC 11. NoName.png NoName Own DLC 11.
Ceoreparque.png Ceoreparque Own DLC 13. Miusaki.png Miusaki Own DLC 13.
Yuki (Dangerous).png Yuki (Dangerous) Own DLC 15. Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater).png Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater) Own DLC 15.
Tsih.png Tsih Own DLC 17. Tequila.png Tequila Own DLC 17.
Mei.png Mei Own DLC 18. Natsumi.png Natsumi Own DLC 18.
Nico.png Nico Own DLC 19. Arthur.png Arthur Own DLC 19.
Iru.png Iru Own DLC 20. Mira.png Mira Own DLC 20.
Sora & Sham (Cuties).png Sora & Sham (Cuties) Own DLC 21.
Yuuki.png Yuuki Own DLC 23. Islay.png Islay Own DLC 23.
Suguri (46 Billion Years).png Suguri (46 Billion Years) Own DLC 25. Sumika.png Sumika Own DLC 25.
Ellie.png Ellie Own DLC 26. Lulu.png Lulu Own DLC 26.
Alicianrone.png Alicianrone Own DLC 27. Teotoratta.png Teotoratta Own DLC 27.

Bonus Characters

Bonus characters are unique characters that are awarded to the player for owning other games created by the developer, Orange_Juice. Although bonus characters appear in the shop, certain Orange_Juice titles must be owned on the same Steam account in order to unlock them in the game. As a result, if the player refunds the Orange_Juice game, they will lose the bonus character. Once the title is owned, the character is automatically unlocked and ready for use, available to the player free of any star price.

Having access to the games through Steam Family Library Sharing will also let you use the bonus characters, for as long as the Library Share is maintained.

Note that only Orange_Juice games published by Fruitbat Factory will unlock bonus characters, meaning no character is awarded for owning Suguri or Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD.

NPC Cards

NPC cards are cards featuring the stats of the different non-playable characters that appear in the game. These cards are the Unit (Enemy) version of the character, and have no use in game other than adding to the card binder for collection purposes. Unit cards for the base game NPC's will appear in the shop as games are played, while other NPC cards can have a variety of unlock methods.

Despite appearing as fightable units, Big Poppo (Normal Mode) and Moss Golem do not possess unit cards.

Name Cost 30% Off Shop Unlock Condition
Chicken 500Stars Icon.png 350Stars Icon.png Play 5 games.
Robo Ball 500Stars Icon.png 350Stars Icon.png Play 10 games.
Seagull 500Stars Icon.png 350Stars Icon.png Play 15 games.
Store Manager 750Stars Icon.png 525Stars Icon.png Play 20 games.
Shifu Robot 750Stars Icon.png 525Stars Icon.png Play 25 games.
Flying Castle 750Stars Icon.png 525Stars Icon.png Play 30 games.
Pirate Crew Member Own DLC 17.
Heliseed* Clear Wanderers Episode 1 on Normal difficulty or higher.
Turnislime* Clear Wanderers Episode 2 on Normal difficulty or higher.
Haunted Doll*
Bunnizard* Clear Wanderers Episode 3 on Normal difficulty or higher.
Trollite* Clear Wanderers Episode 4 on Normal difficulty or higher.
Mousse* Clear Wanderers Final Episode on Normal difficulty or higher.


  1. Tested multiple times by Steam user Hinalyte and stated in his original post: Figuring out the exact unlock criterias.