Bounty Hunt/Tavern

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Icon Name Effect Base Cost
Shop cupofcoffee.png Cup of Coffee Heal yourself by 2 HP. Stars Icon.png10
Shop lemonade.png Lemonade Heal yourself by 4 HP. Stars Icon.png20
Shop elixir.png Elixir Fully heal yourself. Stars Icon.png30
Shop energydrink.png Energy Drink Heal 2 HP, then gain 1 HP. Stars Icon.png30
Shop puddingmixture.png Pudding Mixture Heal 2 HP, then gain 2 HP. Stars Icon.png60
Shop redblueisland.png Red & Blue Island Heal 3 HP, then gain 3 HP. Stars Icon.png120
Shop sweettonic.png Sweet Tonic Permanently increase your Max HP by 1. This can be purchased only once. Stars Icon.png150
Shop herbalremedy.png Herbal Remedy Effect Duration: 1 Chapter. Cannot take damage. Stars Icon.png50
Shop mercenary.png Mercenary Summon a Mercenary on the field. It will attack any unit (excepted the summoner) when passing them on the field. If a unit is KO'd by the Mercenary, 50% of the stars lost go to the player, and the rest to the Mercenary. Stars Icon.png30