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Tips[edit | edit source]

Playing As Arthur

During the early game, players should focus on landing on Bonus and Draw panels while avoiding active battles, and attempt to play  Branch Expansion Strategy as early as possible. Afterwards, attempt to land on as many  Home panels as you can. After all four are bugged, place Shops on every panel, every turn you can manage. Remember to keep an eye on your Star count, and conserve enough to ensure Normas, as Arthur's low stats make getting Wins difficult.

Playing Against Arthur

Arthur has low stats, so he doesn't pose much of a threat to most characters. As such, you should battle Arthur every given opportunity to try and wear down his high health. His large recovery roll will also all but ensure that he stays down for multiple chapters per death. Keep in mind that his attack is at least base, and he can still kill easily with good rolls, so use caution.

Like with all trap-base characters, bringing cards like  Stiff Crystal or  Star-Blasting Light can completely shut Arthur down in the late game. Also like other trap-based characters, Kyoko is a direct counter to Arthur, as  Crystal Barrier will eliminate Shops from play, the same as Stiff Crystal.

Recommended Cards[edit | edit source]

- Pudding is highly recommended for Arthur to help keep his HP as high as possible.

- Quick restoration is another must have card for Arthur thanks to his high HP.

- Completion Reward is extremely good for Arthur. Since his Hobby Shops stay on the board & repeatedly trigger, the number of stars you get from Completion Reward increases every time an opponent triggers your Hobby Shop.

- Extend is a must due to his 6 REC.

- Reverse Attribute Field is useful for dealing with aggressive bullies looking to chip away at your health.

Counter Cards[edit | edit source]

- Star-Blasting Light will eliminate ALL of Arthur's Hobby Shops & deal damage to him, KOing him if his health is less than the number of Shops blasted away.

- Sealed Guardian renders Arthur almost completely defenseless thanks to his -1 DEF & -1 EVD.

- Bringing traps of your own can give you an opportunity to close his shop & replace it with a trap card of your own.