Arcade/All Pet Catchers

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Icon Name Rarity Description Alt. Colors
BitPet1.png Bit Uncommon A little bit energetic. BitPet2.png BitPet3.png BitPet4.png BitPet5.png BitPet6.png
ChickenPet1.png Chicken Uncommon Evades when no else would. ChickenPet2.png ChickenPet3.png ChickenPet4.png ChickenPet5.png ChickenPet6.png
CupcakePet1.png Cupcake Uncommon Baked at 350 degrees Farenheit. CupcakePet2.png CupcakePet3.png CupcakePet4.png CupcakePet5.png CupcakePet6.png
LizardPet1.png Lizard Uncommon May or may not live in the center of the earth. LizardPet2.png LizardPet3.png LizardPet4.png LizardPet5.png LizardPet6.png
PiyoPet1.png Piyo Uncommon The piyo that came first. PiyonPet2.png PiyonPet3.png PiyonPet4.png PiyonPet5.png PiyonPet6.png
RoboballPet1.png Roboball Uncommon For the little mechanic in everyone's heart. RoboballPet2.png RoboballPet3.png RoboballPet4.png RoboballPet5.png RoboballPet6.png
SB BombPet1.png SB Bomb Uncommon Don't drop this. SBBombPet2.png SBBombPet3.png SBBombPet4.png SBBombPet5.png SBBombPet6.png
SeagullPet1.png Seagull Uncommon Its favourite number is seven. SeagullPet2.png SeagullPet3.png SeagullPet4.png SeagullPet5.png SeagullPet6.png
SearchlightPet1.png Searchlight Uncommon Seems to be searching for somebody in particular. SearchlightPet2.png SearchlightPet3.png SearchlightPet4.png SearchlightPet5.png SearchlightPet6.png