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The Arcade is a section in the shop where one can acquire pets. It has two options, Pet Catcher and Pet Exchange. The cosmetics earned here are the first to utilize the Steam Inventory and Steam Marketplace.


Pet Catcher
Pet Catcher placeholder.png

In the Pet Catcher, Arcade Tokens can be used on a gachapon to have a chance of earning consumable items and pets. One spin on the Pet Catcher costs three Arcade Tokens. Items in the Pet Catcher have different rarities which affect how likely you are to get an item.

All Common items won from the Pet Catcher give 2x of the won item, and also reward 10 Oranges Icon.pngOranges.

Drop Rates
Common 80%
Uncommon 12%
Rare 6%
Super Rare 2%

The Pet Catcher also contains a pity reward system. If 10 Common items are won from the Pet Catcher in a row, an item of higher rarity will be automatically granted. This system is represented by an item called a Receipt, which is added to your Steam Inventory upon winning a Common item. All receipts will disappear either upon winning a reward that is above Common rarity, or upon accumulating 10 receipts. Once 10 receipts have been obtained, an item above Common rarity will be immediately rewarded.

Drop Rates[1]
Uncommon 60%
Rare 30%
Super Rare 10%
Pet Exchange
Pet Exchange placeholder.png

In the Pet Exchange, two of the same kind of pet can be exchanged for an alternate color variant of that pet. This is the only way to obtain color variants, as only pets of the standard color variant can be obtained from the Pet Catcher.


These can be used from the "Items" tab in the middle of game when it is not your turn, and has a 5 second cooldown before another can be used.

Icon Name Rarity Description
FireworksRed.png Fireworks (Red) Common Launch fireworks during a game!
FireworksGreen.png Fireworks (Green) Common
FireworksBlue.png Fireworks (Blue) Common
FireworksYellow.png Fireworks (Yellow) Common
HeartPink.png Heart (Pink) Common Send a heart to a friend or that special someone!
HeartBlack.png Heart (Black) Common
Balloons.png Balloons Common Assorted balloons to follow you for a short moment.
RainyCloud.png Rainy Cloud Common Feeling under the weather?


  • Only the standard color variants can be obtained from the Pet Catcher.
  • Each pet has multiple color variations, which are obtained by putting two of the same standard-color pet into the Pet Exchange.
  • The Steam Market listings for 100% Orange Juice! can be found here. Additionally, each icon below links to their respective market page.
Icon Name Rarity Description Alt. Colors
BitPet1.png Bit Uncommon A little bit energetic. BitPet2.png BitPet3.png BitPet4.png BitPet5.png BitPet6.png
ChickenPet1.png Chicken Uncommon Evades when no else would. ChickenPet2.png ChickenPet3.png ChickenPet4.png ChickenPet5.png ChickenPet6.png
LizardPet1.png Lizard Uncommon May or may not live in the center of the earth. LizardPet2.png LizardPet3.png LizardPet4.png LizardPet5.png LizardPet6.png
PiyonPet1.png Piyo Uncommon The piyo that came first. PiyonPet2.png PiyonPet3.png PiyonPet4.png PiyonPet5.png PiyonPet6.png
RoboballPet1.png Roboball Uncommon For the little mechanic in everyone's heart. RoboballPet2.png RoboballPet3.png RoboballPet4.png RoboballPet5.png RoboballPet6.png
SBBombPet1.png SB Bomb Uncommon Don't drop this. SBBombPet2.png SBBombPet3.png SBBombPet4.png SBBombPet5.png SBBombPet6.png
SeagullPet1.png Seagull Uncommon Its favourite number is seven. SeagullPet2.png SeagullPet3.png SeagullPet4.png SeagullPet5.png SeagullPet6.png
SearchlightPet1.png Searchlight Uncommon Seems to be searching for somebody in particular. SearchlightPet2.png SearchlightPet3.png SearchlightPet4.png SearchlightPet5.png SearchlightPet6.png
DwarfPet1.png Dwarf Rare Now actually living up to its name. DwarfPet2.png DwarfPet3.png DwarfPet4.png DwarfPet5.png DwarfPet6.png
GhostPet1.png Ghost Rare Who's that behind you? GhostPet2.png GhostPet3.png GhostPet4.png GhostPet5.png GhostPet6.png
NaviPet1.png Navi Rare What kind of creature is this? NaviPet2.png NaviPet3.png NaviPet4.png NaviPet5.png NaviPet6.png
PiyoPet1.png Piyo (Eggshell) Rare Which came first - the piyo or the egg? PiyoPet2.png PiyoPet3.png PiyoPet4.png PiyoPet5.png PiyoPet6.png
RabbitPlushiePet1.png Rabbit Plushie Rare This plush might be possessed. RabbitPlushiePet2.png RabbitPlushiePet3.png RabbitPlushiePet4.png RabbitPlushiePet5.png RabbitPlushiePet6.png
RbitPet1.png Rbit Rare Formation Orbit! RbitPet2.png RbitPet3.png RbitPet4.png RbitPet5.png RbitPet6.png
SlimePet1.png Slime Rare Said to have a sweet flavour. SlimePet2.png SlimePet3.png SlimePet4.png SlimePet5.png SlimePet6.png
SnowbunnyPet1.png Snowbunny Rare Keep it cool. SnowbunnyPet2.png SnowbunnyPet3.png SnowbunnyPet4.png SnowbunnyPet5.png SnowbunnyPet6.png
ThinkingBubblePet1.png Thinking Bubble Rare What are you thinking about? ThinkingBubblePet2.png ThinkingBubblePet3.png ThinkingBubblePet4.png
UfoPet1.png UFO Rare Always trying to catch rare things. UfoPet2.png UfoPet3.png UfoPet4.png UfoPet5.png UfoPet6.png
CatPet1.png Cat Super Rare An elusive creature with a smug aura. CatPet2.png CatPet3.png CatPet4.png CatPet5.png CatPet6.png
FrogPet1.png Frog Super Rare A frog that isn't too fond of the rain. FrogPet2.png FrogPet3.png FrogPet4.png FrogPet5.png FrogPet6.png
BatPet1.png Fruitbat Super Rare A bat that has an obsession with oranges. BatPet2.png BatPet3.png BatPet4.png BatPet5.png BatPet6.png
LeoPet1.png Leo Super Rare The beast of darkness will dance again. LeoPet2.png LeoPet3.png LeoPet4.png LeoPet5.png LeoPet6.png
PlantPet1.png Plant Super Rare Bites the hand that feeds it. PlantPet2.png PlantPet3.png PlantPet4.png PlantPet5.png PlantPet6.png
RaccoonPet1.png Raccoon Super Rare Is it a raccoon? Is it a dog? Can it transform? RaccoonPet2.png RaccoonPet3.png RaccoonPet4.png RaccoonPet5.png RaccoonPet6.png
BarrelPet1.png Red Barrel Super Rare Red Barrel is ready to fly! BarrelPet2.png BarrelPet3.png BarrelPet4.png BarrelPet5.png BarrelPet6.png
SharkPet1.png Shark Super Rare Its menacing jaws would look great on a poster. SharkPet2.png SharkPet3.png SharkPet4.png SharkPet5.png SharkPet6.png
ShibaInuPet1.png Shiba Inu Super Rare Loyal to a fault. ShibaInuPet2.png ShibaInuPet3.png ShibaInuPet4.png ShibaInuPet5.png ShibaInuPet6.png
TortoisePet1.png Tortoise Super Rare Is known to always win the race... eventually. TortoisePet2.png TortoisePet3.png TortoisePet4.png TortoisePet5.png TortoisePet6.png

Special Pets

Some pets aren't obtained from the Arcade, and are instead acquired by other means.

  • They all have a rarity of "Rare".
  • The alternate colorations of these pets are bought in the "Pets" tab of the shop, becoming available for purchase after the standard variant is obtained.
  • Red & Blue is the only pet that cannot be viewed in the Steam Inventory.
Icon Name Unlock Method Description Alt. Colors Price
Redblue128.png Red & Blue Purchase DLC 18. White Christsmasher!
PresentPet1.png Present Beat the Crossed Christmases Campaign on Extreme Difficulty. A wonderful gift that warms the heart. PresentPet2.png PresentPet3.png PresentPet4.png PresentPet5.png PresentPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
ReinPet1.png Rein Santa Scramble: Global counter at 10000 castles. Aru's trusty helper. On vacation 364 days a year. ReinPet2.png ReinPet3.png ReinPet4.png ReinPet5.png ReinPet6.png 200 Christmas Wreaths Icon.png
PigPet1.png Pig Beware Pigformation: Free all characters from their Pigformation. Can pigs really fly? PigPet2.png PigPet3.png PigPet4.png PigPet5.png PigPet6.png 25000Stars Icon.png
GeggPet1.png Golden Egg Minions of the Master: Big the Haruo's global counter at 0 HP A special egg that can hatch more than once.
M10Pet1.png M10 Eye Minions of the Master: M10 Robot's global counter at 0 HP It sees imaginary numbers, can you?
StarPet1.png Elusive Star Minions of the Master: Star Devourer's global counter at 0 HP Comes from a different galaxy.


  1. Probabilities for drops from using the pity system confirmed by Fruitbat developer, hexun, on Steam Forums.