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Boost Card
Engage in battle with another player or players on your panel. Once these battles are over, your turn is over.
Level 3 ☆
Cost 20 ★
Limit 3 per Deck
Illustrator Hono
Common Card
Mixed Pack
"Owwwww!" —Sham

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to the nature of this card, it will only work when an opponent has stepped onto your panel before your round, whether he/she fought you or not, or a recently KOed player has just revived on his/her next round.

This card works best when the opponent has just recently being KOed with  Extend or  Hyper Mode in effect, as it allows them to be fought again immediately.

When multiple players are standing on the same tile, using this card will have the user fought them all one by one, increasing the effect but also the risk from consecutive battles. This occurs rarely but is possible. Waylaid is an achievement when you defeat an opponent using this card.