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This is the To-Do list for our wiki. Below is a list of articles and tasks that need a bit of work to help make our wiki as comprehensive and complete as it can be.

Cards[edit source]

The following cards need descriptions/strategies written for them:

Additionally, every card not listed should be double checked to make sure it meets the current style standards of the wiki. A good example of those standards can be seen in the  Little War &  Price of Power pages.

Characters[edit source]

The character pages are currently a work in progress, but any help is always appreciated!

The following characters need work on one or more parts of their pages:

Arthurhead.png Arthur - Info, Strategy
Ceoreparquehead.png Ceoreparque - Strategy
Chickenhead.png Chicken - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Chickenhead.png Chicken (Enemy) - Expand
Himehead.png Hime - Strategy (Tips)
Kaehead.png Kae - Strategy
Kyokohead.png Kyoko - Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Kyousukehead.png Kyousuke - Hyper, Strategy
Marie Poppohead.png Marie Poppo - Strategy
Poppo(Mixed)head.png Marie Poppo (Mixed) - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Mirahead.png Mira - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Miusakihead.png Miusaki - Info, Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Nanakohead.png Nanako - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Natsumihead.png Natsumi - Hyper, Strategy
Nicohead.png Nico - Strategy (Clean-up).
NoNamehead.png NoName - Hyper, Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Peathead.png Peat - Strategy
QP(Dangerous)head.png QP (Dangerous) - Hyper, Strategy
Roboballhead.png Robo Ball - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Roboballhead.png Robo Ball (Enemy) - Expand
Seagullhead.png Seagull - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Seagullhead.png Seagull (Enemy) - Expand
Shamhead.png Sham - Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Sherryhead.png Sherry - Strategy
ShifuRobothead.png Shifu Robot - Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
ShifuRobothead.png Shifu Robot (Boss) - Expand, see Flying Castle (Boss) & Store Manager (Boss) as reference
Sorahead.png Sora - Strategy
Sora(Military)head.png Sora (Military) - Strategy
Cutieshead.png Sora & Sham (Cuties) - Strategy
SuguriVer2head.png Suguri (Ver.2) - Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Syurahead.png Syura - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Tequilahead.png Tequila - Hyper, Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Tomatohead.pngMimyuuhead.png Tomato & Mimyuu - Strategy
Tomomo(Casual)head.png Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater) - Hyper, Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Yuki(Dangerous)head.png Yuki (Dangerous) - Strategy (Recommended & Counter cards)
Yuukihead.png Yuuki - Info, Hyper, Strategy
Islayhead.png Islay - Info, Hyper, Strategy

All characters:

  • Make sure the update histories in each character's trivia tabs are complete. This will require cross-referencing the Versions pages.
  • Cards from Community Pack 2 and Pudding Pack should be considered for each character's recommended & counter cards on their strategy pages.

Character Cosmetic Pages[edit source]

Around the Wiki[edit source]

Checklists[edit source]

Categories/Links for site maintenance:
Category Pages
must be 0 at all times; relink pages/images if possible
Check whatlinkshere first, if not needed in any pages, don't upload images or don't create it, whichever is applicable
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