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This is the To-Do list for our wiki. Below is a list of articles and tasks that need a bit of work to help make our wiki as comprehensive and complete as it can be.

Cards[edit source]

Every card should be double checked to make sure it meets the current style standards of the wiki. A good example of those standards can be seen in the  Little War &  Price of Power pages.

Characters[edit source]

The character pages are currently a work in progress, but any help is always appreciated!

The following characters need work on one or more parts of their pages:

All characters:

  • Make sure the update histories in each character's trivia tabs are complete. This will require cross-referencing the Versions pages.
  • Cards from Community Pack 2 and Pudding Pack should be considered for each character's recommended & counter cards on their strategy pages.

Achievements[edit source]

Many achievement pages need small write-ups on strategies that can be used to earn each one. Good examples of such write-ups can be seen on Ahead of the Game and Nico's Presents!.

Around the Wiki[edit source]

  • Many of the Campaign pages are missing images and Strategy sections. For a good example of both, see Star Breaker Episode 1.
  • Many of the Board pages need to be expanded with Strategy and Character Synergy sections. For a good example of both, see Tomomo's Abyss.
  • Polish up our game guide:
    • Upgrade the Mechanics page to be a much better guide front page.
    • Expand the Beginner's Guide, adding the pages for Beginning The Game, Game Screen, & Battle Screen.
    • Add the in-game settings menus to the Configuration page.
  • Incorporate card rarity and weights into card pack pages.

Checklists[edit source]

Categories/Links for site maintenance:
Category Pages
must be 0 at all times; relink pages/images if possible
Check WhatLinksHere first to avoid creating unnecessary pages or files. Unimplemented character cosmetics often appear in WantedFiles, so those files should not be uploaded unless the cosmetic has a known unlock method.
Article stubs 151