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Write in Third Person

All pages should be written in the third person point of view. Avoid using "I", "me", or "you" pronouns when writing articles. For example the sentence "I would recommend that you bring  Pudding when playing tank characters." should be something more along the lines of " Pudding is an excellent card for tank characters." or "Due to tanks relying on their hp stat, it is advised the player bring  Pudding."

Be Concise and Stay On Topic

As this site serves as an encyclopedia of knowledge, articles should be written to focus on their topic. A little descriptive writing can make a page more palatable, but anecdotes, stories, and personal or unrelated information should be left out of informational pages.

Need Help? Ask!

If you are unsure on how to do something or need writing assistance, ask a wiki admin or the 100% Orange Juice Wiki Discord.

  • Unit: Any character that can participate in battle. This includes players, co-op bosses, encounter NPCs, and boss minions.
  • Player: The unit that the player controls. This includes CPUs.
  • Panel: A space on the board that a unit can land on.
  • Home: The player's starting point, where they can heal and level up.
  • Norma: Use this when possible when referring to the player's level. Use "achieve norma" over "level up" to avoid mixing the player's account level with their current norma level in game.


When referencing a character that can be represented with a card, use the {{Ca}} template. This includes non-playable characters like Star Devourer.

{{Ca|Marie Poppo}} is one of {{Ca|Islay|Islay's}} biggest counters.
Marie Poppo is one of Islay's biggest counters.


When referencing a card, use the {{Ci}} template.

{{Ci|x16 Big Rocket}} cannot deal damage to units under the effects of {{Ci|Solid Witch}}.
 x16 Big Rocket cannot deal damage to units under the effects of  Solid Witch.


When referencing a panel, use the proper template:
{{Home}}  Home
{{Neutral}}  Neutral
{{Bonus}}  Bonus
{{Drop}}  Drop
{{Draw}}  Draw
{{Warp}}  Warp
{{Move}}  Move
{{WarpMove}}  Warp Move
{{Encounter}}  Encounter
{{Boss}}  Boss
{{Ice}}  Ice
{{Heal}}  Heal
{{Damage}}  Damage
{{Minigame}}  Minigame

{{Bonusx2}}  Bonus (x2)
{{Dropx2}}  Drop (x2)
{{Drawx2}}  Draw (x2)
{{Movex2}}  Move (x2)
{{WarpMovex2}}  Warp Move (x2)
{{Encounterx2}}  Encounter (x2)
{{Healx2}}  Heal (x2)
{{Damagex2}}  Damage (x2)

{{Encounter}} panels transform into {{Boss}} panels when {{Ci|Oh My Friend}} is played.
 Encounter panels transform into  Boss panels when  Oh My Friend is played.


When referencing a field event, use the event template determined by the name of the event. See Field Events for a full list.

The {{Sprint}} and {{Freeze}} events can enable players to cover a large number of panels quickly.
The SprintSprint
Every 6 Chapters, all players roll a base two dice for movement (up to 4 if using a card increasing your role). This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.
and FreezeFreeze
Every 5 Chapters, 1/3 of the board's panels become Pfrozen.png Frozen panels. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter and does not effect PHome.png Home panels.
events can enable players to cover a large number of panels quickly.

Internal Wiki Links

Links to other wiki pages that do not fall under one of these categories should use this format as well.
[[Space Wanderer]] can be a difficult field for players to achieve [[Norma|normas]].

External Links

External links should not be used where possible. Files such as images or sounds should be called from the wiki database rather than outside sources. In the event that a citation is needed a link can be used. Do not falsify links or link to irreverent, personal, or malicious sites.
[Link VisibleText]

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