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100% Orange Juice Wiki:Admin Templates

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Cleanup templates

Some tags have alternate versions that should be used if the applicability of the tag is disputed. All of the following tags should be placed on the article needing work, not on its talk page. Unless otherwise noted, they should be added to the top of the article.

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This page is currently missing pictures. You can help the 100% Orange Juice! Wiki by adding a picture.
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Uu- this page is currently missing sound files. Please standby while wiki staff continue to work on converting these files. Please feel free to check out the script information in the meantime.

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Wah! The layout of this page is outdated and needs to be updated to meet the wiki's current standards. Please make sure not to use this page as a guideline when creating new similar pages.

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This page is currently being constructed and expanded. Please excuse us while we continue to add more information. Or help the 100% Orange Juice! Wiki by expanding it.

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Tomato & Mimyuu

This article is a stub. The information on this page has not been refurbished to current Wiki standards or is incomplete. You can help the
100% Orange Juice! Wiki by expanding it.

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This page contains out-of-date information, therefore the contents of this page may be unreliable. You can help the 100% Orange Juice! Wiki by updating it.

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The wiki currently has very few editors maintaining it. Contribute today, become an editor, or join the wiki's Discord server here to suggest improvements! We need your help!
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Other templates

Used for special pages, and are not to be put on main articles.

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This article is a disambiguation page, a navigational aid which lists other articles that might otherwise share the same title.

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Rarely Used templates

SugMad.pngSite Wide Changes in Progress
See an image missing or something that seems off? No worries. The wiki is currently undergoing a massive refurb that will take sometime to implement, as many pages are being worked on at once for the change. As a result, some previous images and/or links may break as a result. Rest assured the content will remain the same, however some images, menus, and design type assets might appear wrong. We apologize for this inconveniance and hope our efforts on the new pages will payoff in due time. Thank you for your time and patience. (Yes we know its not Christmas)
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The following article is unofficial, as opposed to the rest of the wiki. This article is not grounded in fact, by design, and doesn't conform to standard wiki writing policies. Take it with a grain of salt.

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Fufufu, co-op leveling and abilities were changed drastically with the release of my event. If you missed it but have played co-op prior to the event, see the Version 2.7 patch notes for details.

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Tomomo (Sweet Eater)

O-hohoho! Did you know, today is a special day? Today is May 21st- the day the wiki was created!

Happy 6th Birthday 100% Orange Juice Wiki!!!

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This page is locked. Only administrators may make changes to this page.