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About the OJ Wiki
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The 100% Orange Juice Wiki, founded by SparkNorkx on May 21, 2014, and revitalized by Supersonic Boy on June 27, 2017, is designed with the sole purpose of providing and supplying the most accurate and helpful information about 100% Orange Juice! The overarching goal of the wiki is to gather the hard work and scattered research of the community across steam and discord, perform new research, keep a record of the game's history, and establish it in a single location in an easy to digest format for players new and old. This wiki is not designed to influence/create a meta or replace any standing community but is designed with love and dedication for the benefit of the community with the hopes of teaching new players and uniting all parts of the community. Thus, the wiki aims to bring fans of 100% Orange Juice! together and construct and collaborate an information database regarding the game.
Everybody is welcome to contribute to the wiki as long as they adhere to this wiki's policies and guidelines as well as the Terms of Service. Please feel free to contribute your knowledge anywhere. Do not hesitate to ask an admin or other fellow editors when you require help with anything regarding the wiki, like help with templates or coding. We hope you find the information you seek and continue to trust us as your number one place for all things 100% Orange Juice!