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This wiki is about 100% Orange Juice!, a digital board game by Orange_Juice. This encyclopedia is written by fans for fans!
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Latest DLC
Fruitbat Announcements
Pudding Booster Pack DLC.jpg
Pudding Pack
100% Orange Juice - Pudding Pack adds a new booster pack to the store with 12 all-new cards to unlock! This DLC can be purchased on Steam.
Plushies Wave 2.jpg
Fruitiest Orange Juice Plushies - Wave 2!
The wait is over - the second wave of the super popular 100% Orange Juice character plushies is here!

Based on the characters from developer Orange Juice's games, we are excited to introduce new plushie models of Aru and Marc, with Alte, Tomomo (Sweet Eater), Saki and Ceoreparque as stretch goals!

The Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, November 7th at 12:00 PM EST!
SeaBed Switch.png
SeaBed for Nintendo Switch
Are you ready to dive in deep?
The yuri-themed psychological mystery visual novel SeaBed, developed by Paleontology and published by Fruitbat Factory, is heading for Nintendo Switch this Winter, in all regions!
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Version 2.6
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Featured Characters
Krila is a character originating from the game QP Shooting - Dangerous!!. She has a strange way of speaking and others have a tough time understanding her. She is a member of Waruda however she also spends her time in the circus with Leo and her plushies.
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